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 What are your overall comments on this online retailer and your buying experience?
  "No comments. Was very good" 
  "Very happy my orders are always on time and goods arrive in excellent condition." 
   "This was my second purchase in past few months. I will buy from them again" 
  "I am very satisfied and will probably order from them again." 
  "It was fantastic.I will order again.Excellent"  
  "The product selection is fantastic. The is also the only site where I can buy Speculoos cookies! The Cote d'Or chocolates are the best! Paypal is an asset and shipping was quite fast." 
  "Good reliable retailer with excellent delivery partner"  
  "We depend on them for good chocolate, which we can no longer buy locally."  
  "Great experience! This is a special Christmas gift for my daughter. Thanks you so very much! Happy Holidays to you all." 
  "Positive exprrience: quick and easy" 
  "Very easy process from order to delivery"  
  "I prodotti acquistati non hanno deluso le mie aspettative e la consegna è stata rapida." 
   "Fantastic - so grateful to find the Jacques 17.5 oz bittersweet chocolate bars I used to be able to buy 4 blocks from home in Berkeley CA." 
   "Cannot find this chocolate anywhere in the US so was very happy to find it here at a reasonable price!"  
  "Absolutely positive, but if you can reduce transport costs"  
  "Website is easy to use and the products are fantastic."  
  "Everything arrived fresh and well packaged. There were no problems at all." 
  "Great Experience will be using their services again!" 
  "Great! Always fast with email responses."  
  "Very pleased to be able to purchase chocolate and have it arrive in perfect condition."  
  "Packing was extremely well done. All items got to me in perfect condition. Well worth it."  
  "Very happy with Belgianchocs.Good price and quick delivery." 
  "Very positive experience. Wish the selection was extended to other products."  
  "Excellent - pricing is good, website is easy to use, and delivery is really prompt! Ten out of ten."  
  "Yes...I found the shipping a little on the high side but cheaper than flying to Luxembourg to buy the chocolate. Chocolate was fresh and overall the shopping experience was excellent.."  
  "Amazing experience. Customer for life. Order processing through delivery to receipt is one of the most efficient I have experienced - ever!"  
  "fast and accurate"  
  "We buy all our Belgian chocolates here."  
  "We have eaten Cote d'Or for years, and we were pleased to see that our order came directly from Belgium. The chocolate bars arrived in perfect condition despite the fact that the weather was very hot. Very good experience."  
  "Reliable, fare retailer.  The few times there have been problems, retailer has happily and promptly made corrections and adjustments. Strongly recommend to anyone interested in his products!"  
  "We depend on Belgianchocs for great chocolate."  
  "The chocolates as expected were excellent. I am going to make further purchases."  
  "These chocolates are of a very high standard and do not appear to be readily available in the UK Jun 22 2015 7:52PM
  "I have bought from this retailer several times now and service, delivery and product has always been excellent." Jun 21 2015 8:09AM
  "Excellent service and good fresh products." Jun 19 2015 9:50AM
  "Sorry to say this about one of your competitors but we also ordered from I had ordered cheeses too and some other grocery items. Unfortunately although their things were supposed to be shipped quickly after the order receipt date of May 15th they did not hit our post office until  May 22 and they did not release them until June 1st.  Your items were recived by us shipped through UPS and in a much more timely fashion.  I would order all items from you in the future if I could get all the items I want.  One thing I have not found available through anyone is Coques de Dinant a family favorite since childhood since mamie was born and raised in Belgium and came here as a war bride. Is that something you could carry?"
Jun 3 2015 5:19PM
  "No problems whatsoever..they did as promised" Jun 3 2015 1:01PM
  "great choice selection, and the shipping was super quick, got it in 1 day. Loved it, definitely recommend and I will buy again."
May 31 2015 2:06PM
  "Everything matched expectations." May 29 2015 7:27AM
  "Was soooo glad to find Cote D'Or Chokotof. lived in Belgium and can't find in the USA." May 26 2015 2:18AM
  "Very pleased. Excellent service." May 24 2015 2:32PM
  "The quality of the product was outstanding" May 24 2015 8:53AM
  "Excellent service, items as described with quick delivery." May 19 2015 2:36PM

 "Good service quick and efficient. Would like to know whether you would send an order to Zambia Central Africa?"
Feb 24 2015 8:35PM

 "First, I am thrilled to have found what I was looking for.  And the transaction with Paypal was very convenient. Very pleased with the condition of the items when they arrived. Thank you Belgianchocs"
Feb 24 2015 4:03PM

 "Very professional and very responsive.  I will buy again."
Feb 22 2015 11:12PM

"Good products, ditto price, ditto service."
Feb 16 2015 3:04PM

"Excellent experience and product. Have ordered previously and will order again."
Feb 11 2015 11:27PM

"I appreciate the prompt international service and quality products. I would definitely recommend Belgianchocs to others, and am certainly a returning customer."
Feb 10 2015 1:42PM

"I have enjoyed my experience"
Feb 9 2015 1:57AM

"Good service. Good chocolate :-)"
Feb 8 2015 3:24PM

Very good and efficient. On the same day I also ordered something from Amazon and the chocolates arrived 3 days before the Amazon packet!
Jan 27 2015 5:19PM

Excellent service, and excellent product, will use again
Jan 21 2015 12:51PM

Easy to re-order.  Much appreciated.  Thanks,
Jan 18 2015 3:59PM

I wish the shipping charges to the US were lower.  Love the chocolate!
Jan 12 2015 2:07PM

Fantastic products and company. Will use again!
Jan 10 2015 9:27PM

Generally a good service and delivery was on time, particularly so as I was wary of ordering from abroad.
Jan 5 2015 1:27PM

Shipping cost was quite high relative to product cost, but overall cost was fair.
Dec 30 2014 5:07AM

Great website to get the Belgian chocs you normally have to go to Belgium for.
Dec 29 2014 9:12PM

Dec 29 2014 1:53PM

Good service
Dec 29 2014 10:30AM

Already recommended to several in-laws and friends
Dec 27 2014 2:28PM

just perfect !
Dec 22 2014 11:25AM

Surprised that it arrived on time, figured it would take longer than the 3 days estimated. Impressive.
Dec 21 2014 11:19PM

Top notch distributors
Dec 17 2014 9:27PM

I will use your service again
Dec 17 2014 12:57PM

Satisfied customer.
Dec 15 2014 7:03PM

Domestic vendors could learn from this - totally amazing service "*****"
Dec 15 2014 3:16AM

Very easy ordering process, quick delivery. Haven't tried the chocolates yet, as they are a Christmas present, so I can't comment on the quality of the chocolate :-)
Dec 14 2014 1:09PM

Quick and easy
Dec 10 2014 9:22PM

Dec 6 2014 5:48PM

I would have like to have more options of chocolates available. There are flavors that I know exist but didn't find then offered for sale via Belgiunchocs. The specific one I'm interested in is the moka.
Nov 28 2014 4:52PM

some important items are not available like cote d'or almante dark chocolates. range could be better
Nov 25 2014 8:06AM

very happy .with your product and service.
Nov 22 2014 9:52PM

ottimo cioccolato e consegna puntuale,pacco ben imballato.
Nov 22 2014 11:41AM

Everything was OK but I think that the shipping cost is very high!
Nov 17 2014 11:06AM

Have ordered several times and always pleasnt and easy to communicate with .Great company
Nov 12 2014 8:36AM

Excellent service, will order again
Nov 5 2014 5:41PM

could not check package and products myself as this was a present but destinee seemed satisfied.
Nov 5 2014 2:46PM

everything was great
Nov 1 2014 12:13AM

Easy to use site and super fast delivery
Oct 21 2014 6:40PM

Easy to find what I wanted Really liked being able to pay by PayPal
Sep 11 2014 5:15PM

love the service
Sep 11 2014 3:49AM

service was very good and have used them several times over the last 4 years or so
Sep 2 2014 11:38AM

The chocolates i ordered are in very good quality, fresh and very tasty. It is known as the best in the world. I would be happy if next time the product will arrive approx. 3 days after payment is received and you would update the shipping status on the website closer to realtime.
Aug 21 2014 2:27PM

Although shipping costs to the U.S. were relatively expensive, I was very pleased with the service. My order was shipped almost immediately and arrived within a few days.
Aug 20 2014 11:49PM

Excellent service. Can't wait to order again.
Aug 18 2014 8:40AM

This is the best place we have found to buy the chocolate we like.
Aug 17 2014 2:47PM

Excellent product and service. Web site easy to use.
Aug 12 2014 2:40PM

I absolutely love the chocolate waffles YUM
Jul 22 2014 12:58PM

Now that I have the experience of doing it once, I look forward to doing it again:)
Jul 19 2014 1:40PM

Jul 19 2014 12:57PM

This is the second time I'm using this web retailer and on both occasions, I've been extremely satisfied: the ordering process is simple and straightforward, the delivery was as scheduled, the goods were well packaged. I will be back!
Jul 18 2014 12:15PM

Have used before and will continue to use - very good service and would highly recommend.
Jul 17 2014 12:54PM

Belgianchocs is absolutely fine. The only reason my package did not arrive when expected is the courier service (UPS). Unfortunately in Italy (where I live) they fake deliveries, that is, they *say* they attempted a delivery while actually they neither phoned (I had provided both my landline and my cell phone numbers) nor leave proof of their passing. I have experienced this several times, and it is quite annoying. Obviously, this has nothing to do with Belgianchocs, which provides excellent merchandise and service.
Jul 17 2014 10:57AM

Fantastic experience, lovely products, highly recommended! :)
Jul 7 2014 10:46AM

A very pleasant experience & speedy delivery. Thank you
Jul 3 2014 5:21PM

Excellent service - would certainly use again in the future
Jun 28 2014 10:14PM

Everything went well
Jun 20 2014 3:35PM

First class all round. will use again.
Jun 9 2014 5:24PM

You sent a bonus jar of Speculoos - best surprise ever! :D
Jun 5 2014 7:56AM

There were no issues and the whole process went as advertised.
Jun 4 2014 10:00A

Fantastic service. Well packed. The chocolates arrived 3 days earlier than expected. Postage to the U.K was very reasonable. My only difficulty was trying to add and update my basket, the website wouldn't allow it, but I figured that I had ordered enough chocolate anyway! I will most definitely be back.
Jun 3 2014 12:36AM

I am quite satisfied with the quality  of the product and the standard and efficiency of the service;   in so much so, that I would have no hesitation in recommending Belgian chocs to my  friends. I hope to do business with the company  many  more times in the future. R E W
Jun 2 2014 11:12AM

Great products and great service
May 30 2014 7:14PM

Great chocolates - quick delivery - good price
May 21 2014 6:09PM

Superb buying experience. Product was shipped immediately and the gift recipient was very happy. I have introduced this company to all my family, friends and colleagues.
May 18 2014 9:27PM

Everything was delivered in great condition.
May 17 2014 6:21PM

Shipping cost was more expensive than the items I bought. However, I went ahead and ordered it anyway.
May 16 2014 4:00PM

Very efficient and prompt service
Apr 27 2014 1:03PM

Excellent service and communication. Did not receive a tracking number initially, but after sending an email requesting it, I was answered immediately. Everything went very smoothly and the package arrived sooner than expected. This is not the first time using Belgianchocs and each time has been exactly the same. Perfect. Could not be better.
Apr 21 2014 8:43PM

Expected shorter delivery time by UPS Great customer service communications through email - prompt replies.
Apr 21 2014 12:23PM

The only negative comment I have is that there is only one option for delivery and it's very expensive so I wouldn't buy if I was ordering a small quantity... I'm sure it would put people off.
Apr 20 2014 10:14PM

Very impressed
Apr 15 2014 1:57PM

The chocolates were great.  Had kinds I couldn't get in the States.
Apr 2 2014 2:37AM

I love this site and their products!!!!!!!
Mar 31 2014 12:53AM

Great product and impeccable order processing. I love ordering from belgianchocs
Mar 30 2014 10:27PM

My mother's family live in Belgium so we always had Belgian chocolates at Easter and special occasions and this is why I ordered them from Belgian Chocolates site as Cote Dor is difficult to find in Scottish shops. Thanks.
Mar 27 2014 9:44AM

We frequently bought Cafe Noir biscuits in this area but have been unable to find them here in the Washington DC area.
Mar 23 2014 7:56PM

Very pleased with this transaction
Mar 23 2014 12:26PM

With past orders, I got information on how to track the order. This time, I did not get that info, but I was able to figure it out based on past orders. But, anyway, the chocolate arrived in a reasonable amount of time and in good condition. Thanks.
Mar 9 2014 9:25PM

This is the only site I've found from which I can order certain brands of Belgian chocolates. I've been very pleased with their quality, prices, and speed of delivery.
Mar 8 2014 9:50PM

Have used before and will again. Mad that you can no longer find Cote D'Or in the UK, except on eBay with rip off prices and ridiculous p&p charge. Well done.
Mar 3 2014 2:39PM

It is  easy and fast. however, I had to ask about the weight because  the shipping charges depend on that ,it is quite expensive if you order more than  a certain weight and you do not know.
Feb 28 2014 11:45PM

Feb 15 2014 7:19AM

Great shopping experience. thanks
Feb 12 2014 3:58P

Great experience!
Feb 10 2014 9:49PM

Happy because the chocolate arrived un-harmed or melted or misshapen! Everything arrived in perfect condition!
Feb 10 2014 4:10AM

 I like my chocolate and already ran out from my last visit home, so I needed a top up. I will order from them again as all is ok. The price is a bit high but what can you expect if you are ordering from abroad. Cheers
Jan 23 2014 3:56PM

Products arrived very well packaged, sooner than expected and were of high quality.
Jan 17 2014 10:01PM

Thanks for the great packaging.
Jan 9 2014 7:51AM

Very impressed with service and would not hesitate to buy again. Thank you.
Jan 7 2014 7:39AM

quick and easy to use service ,for a very good product
Jan 6 2014 10:18PM

I love the Belgianchocs company! I love buying from them, I love their products and I love that they ship to the US!!!
Jan 4 2014 2:07PM

Everything was perfect. And especially the amazing Chockotoff candies!
Jan 2 2014 6:23PM

I don't have any bad comments. The delivery came on time in spite of the "before Christmas" period. Maybe I would expect more range of Cote D'or products on your site (f.ex. choco spreads). Anyway, I did get what I wanted to find.
Jan 2 2014 1:23PM 

Great Experience. It took only 3 days for my chocolate to arrive to Los Angeles, USA, i was pleasantly shocked. Thank you SO MUCH!!!
Dec 18 2013 3:30PM

I am quite satisfied with both the buying experience and the quality of the product and will have no hesitation recommending you to friends and colleagues.
Dec 16 2013 8:43AM

easy to order but I felt the freight costs were too high
Dec 14 2013 11:52AM

Awesome! This is a Christmas gift for my daughter.
Dec 13 2013 7:53PM

I intend to make a new order soon. I also appreciate the mail information of the transportation status by UPS
Dec 12 2013 4:35PM

we were very content about everything
Nov 29 2013 7:48PM

Well laid out site. Great selection of chocolate. Fast shipping. Would recommend to my friends and family.
Nov 29 2013 4:01PM

I have been very happy to be able to order Cote d'Or chocolate online. It is not sold in the stores in Canada so I was very pleased to find it on line. :)
Nov 26 2013 1:22AM

Offer more products !
Nov 22 2013 6:26PM

Our father is from Belgium and immigrated to the US at the age of 18. He is now 83. We have been looking for the chocolate spread for a long time and were excited to find it here. This will make for a very nice Christmas surprise.  The package was received in excellent condition. Wish shipping was less as I paid more in shipping than I did for the product. Will buy again. Easy shopping, excellent service, great product.
Nov 18 2013 9:08PM

Simple and efficient. Excellent delivery and of course excellent products, will probably use again.
Oct 29 2013 12:04PM

Easy and delicious! What elsae can one ask?!
Oct 28 2013 1:57PM

I love your company and products. It is so wonderful for me to order the foods that my son loves from Europe (specifically the Belgian Waffles) that we are not able to get in the make so easy to get these wonderful products!!! Thank you so very much.
Oct 14 2013 8:04PM

Good service, reasonable price, excellent packaging, will definitely order again...
Oct 12 2013 3:43AM

Reasonabley easy,however it would be good to have a contact phone number if it is difficult to email the company.
Sep 16 2013 1:59PM

As a chocolate lover that I am, a DELICIOUS experience.
Sep 14 2013 10:31PM

First class and efficient service from belgian always!!
Sep 12 2013 9:31AM

I was very happy with the whole experience: everything went smoothly, I didn't expect the goods to be delivered so quickly, they were well packaged. Looking forward to my next order!
Sep 8 2013 4:29AM

I have nothing to add. I received exactelyl what I bought, the delivery terms are really short. Maybe Belgianchocs shoudl add other Belgian products like beers and cheese ......Anyway I am really satisfied for that first shopping experience with Belgianchocs.

Sep 5 2013 5:33AM

I grew up in michigan. my dad was belgian. we always had your product in our home. as time went on, i moved to colorado, but when i returned home for visits, my parents always had a stash of your chocolate... which i rationed out during my visit. in the 1980's, the store was sold and my parents no longer were able to purchase my chocolate locally. my parents have both passed away and now i have to purchase my own chocolate. thank goodness for the internet and that you have the best chocolate i've ever eaten... i'm very thankful and appreciate how convenient you make it for people like me. i no longer have to ration! and i don't share well. thank you very much.

Aug 31 2013 12:42AM

 I am in the states attempting to send a gift to friend in UK. Had a real problem with your one billing software in having UK delivery address and US billing address. Only resolved when I used paypal
Aug 23 2013 12:13AM

I have to say that I'm quite happy with the way the package sending was organised! I will use Belgianchocs again in the future.
Aug 20 2013 6:32AM

A very easy positive experience ordering products from Belgianchocs. I plan to recommend them as well as buy again very soon in the future. I live in the US and they made it so simple! A WONDERFUL experience!
Aug 17 2013 1:30PM

Excellent service. Very satisfied
Aug 16 2013 5:02PM

As it was chocolates and we were having a very warm spell the chocs were sent out later than expected and because there were so many(200) some had melted but overall good communication.I ordered so many in one go because I do buy these quite a lot and was trying to save on postage as I think the postage is very expensive.
Aug 14 2013 8:45AM

The condition of the goods and their excellent care in wrapping was fantastic
Jul 30 2013 12:54PM

Jul 28 2013 3:59A

Very happy customer, will order again

Jul 23 2013 10:21AM

Good job, really good chocolate and very satisfied in overall terms.
Jul 22 2013 10:22PM


Jul 1 2013 3:58AM

Perfect service
Jul 1 2013 2:24AM

This is the second time I have ordered chocolate for our family and am very pleased that I can do this on-line and get good service.
Jun 18 2013 1:32PM

Would gladly order white marzipan if you make it available. Thanks

Jun 3 2013 6:37PM

May 22 2013 10:58PM

Why is your chocolate not for sale in Turku, Finland?
May 14 2013 5:12PM

Very happy
May 12 2013 7:19PM

fast and reliable service!
May 12 2013 8:13AM

Cote D"Or chocolates are terrific! Fantastic flavor!!! Delivery was performed as programed, UPS service and scanning was good and I'm satisfied with the entire operation to bring these delicious chocolates just before brazilian Easter.
Apr 23 2013 7:04PM

The tin of chocolate biscuits was twice as nice in person as the photo on the website. Thanks very much for a great shipment, sent very quickly. The shipping charges to Canada are so high that I probably won't order again; if you could add a slower shipping time at a lower rate, I'd be back for more.
Apr 12 2013 6:55PM

Pleased you were able to supply the chocolates as they are not easily obtainable in the UK
Apr 12 2013 4:45PM

Excellent Customer Service and choice of products.
Apr 9 2013 5:46PM

Apr 8 2013 3:45PM

Very easy to order and arrived very quickly.
Mar 19 2013 4:58PM

I think excellent, I just wish the price of postage and packing could be sorted out a bit, as it is very expensive.
Mar 13 2013 4:43PM

An easy comfortable experience.
Mar 11 2013 1:57PM

I am overall satisfied with the experience with this business.
Feb 6 2013 4:58AM

Pleased with the delivery times and how it was packed but the send costs was a bit to much ...
Jan 1 2013 12:56PM

My delivery from Belgian Chocs was received on 22 December. Unfortunately, when I opened it, I found it was not my order.  I informed Belgian Chocs by email and received a very prompt reply from apologising and asking if I wanted the correct order shipped or a refund. I asked for a replacement order which arrived on 31 December. It was an unfortunate error but I was very impressed by the customer service from Belgian Chocs in putting it right.
Dec 31 2012 3:47PM

Easy ordering, fast delivery, excellent product!
Dec 22 2012 2:13AM I

I would like to order again! Thank you.
Dec 2 2012 1:17PM   
One jar of spread arrived with lid broken but not too bad, luckily it was all packaged very neatly so it did not create a mess.
Nov 27 2012 1:17AM

Great service; goods arrived in excelent shape and on-time. I am very happy with the entire experience.
Nov 20 2012 11:57PM

Your chocolates were outstanding. They compare favorablywith other chocalates I have purchased from other countries.
Nov 20 2012 4:20PM

Excellent product and service!
Nov 19 2012 12:24AM

Am not able to purchase these particular chocolates in Australia, so while they did turn out to be a little expensive, I am very happy to know that I can still get them online. Thank you
Nov 11 2012 12:41AM

This is the 2nd time we have ordered this chocolate which we love and are no longer able to get in our local store in the U.S. Thank you for selling it at a reasonable price! The outer package of our last order was damaged, but the chocolate inside was well protected and fine.
Nov 4 2012 2:56AM

Excellent. No problems.
Oct 22 2012 3:03PM

The transaction was simple and straight forward from start to finish - I placed the order and didn't have to worry about it any further. Thanks for the delivery which arrived very well packaged and in one piece! Joe
Oct 8 2012 2:01PM

Straight forward and quick.
Sep 30 2012 11:49PM
Very good web site for me (Belgian living in the US)
Aug 30 2012 8:09PM

Had a great experience and the chocolates were lovely.  THANK YOU!
Aug 21 2012 4:44PM

Great service. Excellent inventory. I found exactly what I was looking for.
Aug 14 2012 1:30PM

It was a wonderful experience, picking out nice things and ordering.  My parcel arrived really quickly and was well packaged. I would definitely order again. Thank you!
Aug 14 2012 11:54AM

why the site is "all english"? belgium has 3 official languages ...for people- numerous-who have no large knowledge, they cannot order
Jul 23 2012 8:32AM

We have had trouble finding our favorite chocolate in the US. This is the first time we have purchased from Belgian Chocolates, but will very likely be buying the same item again.
Jun 16 2012 1:43PM

 Will definitely buy again... postage is very reasonable compared to other websites we have seen online.
May 14 2012 11:54AM

Provide you continue the present way of handling the business (choice of chocolates, care in shipping and handling the precious Côte d'Or :-) along with e-mails giving information on what and when or any problems as belated or damaged packages), I am satisfied.
May 5 2012 6:12PM

So glad to be able to buy good belgian chocolate from San Francisco!!! You guys made us very happy...
May 4 2012 12:16AM

Delivery was excellent - very fast and was delivered on a weekend rather than a weekday when most people are at work.  Goods ordered were well packaged and exactly what was expected
Apr 30 2012 10:34PM

Extremely fast shipping. Love the chocolates! Only place I can find Jacques Callebaut and at a great price.
Apr 26 2012 9:32PM

User friendly website, really liked the email updates and fast delivery. I already recommended the website to some friends.
Apr 21 2012 1:10AM

I'm just replying to let you know that my sweet Chinese girlfriend did receive the Belgian Chocolates and is one very happy girl. I'd like to thank you again for helping me ship this order to the Chinese address. Everything worked just fine. I look forward to using your services in the future. Kind Regards,
Apr 19 2012 8:20AM

I was very pleased with the fast delivery and the good condition that the chocolate arrived in. The chocolate was delicious and I was very happy with it.
Apr 19 2012 8:20AM

The chocolates were delicious!  The best I have ever had.  They just melt in your mouth.
Mar 12 2012 9:50AM

I have already received the chocolates and would like to thank you for teh great packaging.
Mar 1 2012 11:40AM

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